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Open Access Library
OALib considers articles in the Science, Technology and Medicine
arXiv is an e-print service in the fields of physics, mathematics, computer science, quantitative biology, quantitative finance and statistics
Ethiopian Journal of Environmental Studies and Management
EJESM is aimed at publishing original research output in the area of Geography, Ecology, Botany, Conservation studies, Food and Nutrition, Water Resources
FUTY Journal of the Environment
It is an inter-disciplinary journal concerned with issues in the following disciplines: Architecture, Building, Estate Management, Environmental Management, Geography, Industrial Design, Surveying and Geoinformatics, Urban and Regional Planning, Agriculture, Forestry and Wild Life and other related fields
Journal of Applied Sciences and Environmental Management
The journal publishes original research findings and occasional interpretative reviews from health sciences, pure and applied sciences, engineering, agriculture, and environmental management sciences
Mathematical Communications
Mathematical Communications is an international journal publishing original scientific papers and invited survey articles from all fields of pure and applied mathematics.
New Journal of Physics
Is co-owned by the Institute of Physics and Deutsche Physikalische Gesellschaft, and is supported by a growing number of physical societies around the world.
Journal of Mathematics and fundamental Sciences
Journal of Mathematical and Fundamental Sciences welcomes full research articles in the area of Mathematics and Natural Sciences .
Discrete Mathematics and Theoritical Computer Science
DMTCS is a high standard peer-reviewed electronic journal devoted to rapid publication of innovative research which covers the fields of Discrete Mathematics and Theoretical Computer Science and puts a certain emphasis on the intersection of these two fields.

Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics
ACP is an international scientific journal dedicated to the publication and public discussion of high-quality studies investigating the Earth's atmosphere and the underlying chemical and physical processes
Nigerian Journal of Biotechnology
NJB covers studies in Biotechnology, Agriculture, Food and Environment interface; and is published twice a year
International Journal of Health Research
The journal publishes original research articles, reviews, and case reports in health sciences and related disciplines, including medicine, pharmacy, nursing, biotechnology, cell and molecular biology
Mathematical Physics Electronic Journal 
This mathematics journal aims to publish high quality papers in mathematical physics and related areas.
Frontiers in Microbiology
Frontiers in Microbiology is a leading journal in its field, publishing rigorously peer-reviewed research across the entire spectrum of microbiology.
Physics and Philosophy
Read this new open access journal from Dortmund University of Technology to read about the laws of physics, philosophy, and more.
Electronic Journal of Biotechnology 
This is an international scientific electronic journal which publishes papers from all areas related to Biotechnology
Leading electronic archive for self-archive papers in any area of psychology, neuroscience, and linguistics, and areas of computer science, philosophy, biology...
Journal of Biological Engineering
This journal publishes articles on biological engineering.

International Journal of Industrial Chemistry
journal that brings together multidisciplinary interests in one journal and is to disseminate information on all aspects of research and development
Industrial Chemistry
Industrial Chemistry is concerned with utilizing compound and physical procedures to change crude materials into items that are valuable to humankind
Nigerian Research Journal of Chemical Sciences
Nigerian Research Journal of Chemical Sciences (NRJCS) is a journal that publishes significant contributions of scientists on chemical sciences
Journal of Entomology and Zoology Studies
The journal publishes articles in all fields of zoology which includes: Apology, Arachnology, Arthropodology, Cetology, Conchology, Entomology…
International Journal of Zoology
This is an Open Access journal that publishes original research articles as well as review articles in all areas of zoology
Frontiers in Zoology
Online journal publishing high quality research articles and reviews on all aspects of animal life
Biostatistics and Biometrics Open Access Journal (BBOAJ)
BBOAJ is concerned with the application of Statistics: biology, public health and other health sciences like biomedical sciences
Annals of Biometrics and Biostatistics
Annals of Biometrics and Biostatistics aims to promote the development of mathematical and statistical methods with applications to Biological Sciences, Clinical...
Epidemiology, Biostatistics and Public Health
This journal support the International scientific community in its efforts to reduce the negative impact on public health of the current economic situation…

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